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An Amendment by LEAP to replace the Three UN Conventions

"The Commission on Narcotics Drugs has its annual gala event in mid March organised by the UNODC ( This year the 57th gathering will be from the 17th to the 20th. It was formed in 1946. It meets every year in the imposing but dimly lit halls of Vienna International Centre, which has charming views of the Danube and the Viennese woods too. After each Session there is a Political Declaration and there is sometimes a Plan of Action. All these well meaning deliberations have not even dented drug production, trafficking and use. Yet they talk and talk and rattle on.

Abou 190 countries attend this annual jamboree so there are plenty of opportunities to blabber and dither. Each country's delegates want to be heard - especially at the plenary. If that can't be, they push and shove to make the most inane comments in the smaller discussion groups. All sessions are predictably uniformally repetitive and dull. Notionally, every country is supposed to be independent. But behind the scenes manipulations by the staff of UNODC and the INCB ensure that the will of a few rich countries usually prevails.

In this year's Session all eyes will be on the High Level Ministerial Consultation on the 13th and 14th and then on UNGASS 2016 that will be discussed in the bigger conclave later from the 17th of March, 2014. Delegates will jostle to have the floor. They will interminably discuss where an 'and', a full stop, a 'but', or a comma should be. Then some will pontificate and all will end up by putting high hopes in UNGASS 2016.

Forgetting that not one goal of UNGASS 1998 that was to be met by 2015 has been achieved. There is no likelihood of a Drug Free World by 2015 as UNGASS 1998 had foolishly boasted.

This year there will be one breath of fresh air. A very interesting development with huge potential. At last one organistaion - LEAP from the United States of America no less- has come up with a Single Convention to replace the previous Three of limited credibility. This is a brave first step and they have welcomed criticism, comments and suggestions. A letter that they have circulated to World leaders has the gist of the the contents."

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